Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm better then great! I'm good.

So day two of sick kids...
Actually day two of one kid being sick.
Another one has been sick forever.
I may go crazy. Sick little boys are just as bad as sick men.
So I was up in the middle of the night with one of the sick kids and had these totally random thoughts that I wish I had written down.
Cause I was funny.
Sleep deprivation will do that.
You see, my kids like me. Not sure what I did wrong there, but they seem to enjoy my company. Jeff says I should yell more.
I hate yelling. But I am loud :)
I think it is lack of consistent beatings.
We haven't had a good beating here in years. Going on like 20 or so.
Not a good record if you are the beating type.
Which, you may have noticed, we are not.
We just don't have the energy for a good wholloping.
So the kids like me.
This is why we have a king sized bed.
The husband gets one half, whatever kid has a cold/headache/nightmare/cough and I get the other half.
I have big kids...I don't get much of a half.
Especially if it is Q. He takes up a lot of space and still manages to drape himself over much of my body all night.
At least I'm not getting kicked.
I just get no sleep.
But I did find one of my favorite pictures while I was trying to find a picture of my kids sleeping on my bed.
Apparently since I am the picture taker, if there are any, I am not in them.
And they aren't on this computer.
Well, it appears that one or more of my children found my husband's cologne...this is not good.
Must go find and stop any mischief going on in my house.


Anonymous said...

Hope it's over soon. I missed photography today!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty funny when I am sleep deprived too. I just crack myself up.

Hope your guys feel better soon.

Marilyn said...

Hey you, saw your fun pictures on facebook and it looks like you had so much fun. Do you realize the last time I did a late night crop was at your store.... A YEAR AGO!!!! Wow, the memories! I love my create board too but now I need to paint the frame. I actually ordered the vinyl from a party for Uppercase Living. You can find it online! Good luck!