Monday, July 28, 2008

At what point

will my boys learn it is easier to do things quickly? For instance, at 830 this morning three boys came into my room at different times, mind you, just all around 830, to ask what we are doing today. Each of the three was told that a certain room MUST be cleaned (ahemquintonandtylerspigstyahem) and they needed to spend sometime mowing then we would head to Rigby Lake. Fast forward 3 hours, the room is FINALLY picked up enough for me to say fine and the boys are taking a 'break' from the 10 minutes or less of work they have done in that 3 hour time frame. It's a good thing they aren't mom's, right :)
Seriously, there was a small pile of clothing to be sorted into piles, placed in proper drawers and then a few shirts to be hung. That's it. The reason they even had to do that is that for some reason a certain seven year old has found it easier to pile crap (this is all encompassing and to my knowledge contains no actual 'crap' it's just a lot nicer way of saying the swears that enter my mind whenever I see stuff piled in the wrong place. Piles have their places, kids and dressers, entertainment centers and tables are NOT where they belong) he pulls out of his closet or dresser that he doesn't want to take the 5 seconds necessary to put things away. I am already praying for this boy's wife as I love him unconditionally and he still gets on my last nerve about these things...the great thing is that he is teaching my sweet little Q-man this fantastic time saver...that then becomes HOURS of lost swim time.
So, now I get to encourage them to go mow while I shower and get ready to pack stuff up to go to said lake, pick up the couple of fixtures I bought from Kim when her store closed and hopefully save myself just a bit of energy as Jeff is planning on a date night tonight of some sort. You see, his parents are taking the boys tonight in the fantastic effort to save some of their summer vacation for a bit of fun instead of spending the whole day at the store with me tomorrow since Hunter is gone to scout camp (can I miss him already??) and therefore unable to help with even one of his brothers. Thanks, Shepherd's!
I think I am the master of run-on sentences :) Go me!

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Hilary said...

this slow to do chores scenario is so the story of my life. it is so annoying.....