Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So Hunter went up to scout camp yesterday. I miss him. I hope he is having fun and I hope he at least thinks once of his momma. So this is where the dilemma is...there is a family night on Friday up at the camp. Dinner is at 5, you stay for the evening and then go home and the boys come home Saturday. The store closes at 6, so I know we wouldn't get there until later than dinner unless someone closes for me which brings me to the second part of the dilemma. Breaking Dawn. For awhile now there have been a select few of us (6-10 depending on the day) who are planning to hang out at the store cropping until 1030 or 11 and then heading to B&N and getting our copies...then in all liklihood stay up all night to read the book.
Do you see my dilemma? Much of my problem will be solved in either finding or not finding someone to be at the store. I am fairly sure we will be back in town in time for me to get my copy of the book, either way...my biggest issue is making sure those who are planning to come crop are taken care of and that my family can actually get out of here and up there in enough time to make it worthwhile for H. Because honestly, if we don't leave here until after 6, it seems silly to make the drive. But I have that momma guilt if Jeff and the other boys go up and I don't.
So frustrating!!
And in other news:

"MIDNIGHT SUN Edward's Turn Meyer has told her fans that Breaking Dawn will be the last book she writes from Bella's point of view. (''The reason the books have gone on so long is I have a harder time giving up Bella's humanity than she does,'' says Meyer. ''She's so quick to say 'No, give it all away, I'm ready to die right now!''') But the author already has half of Midnight Sun, Twilight as narrated by Edward, cooking on her computer. "

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Desi said...

Too bad I don't live there...I would totally watch the store for you. And head out to get the book with you. I can't wait to read it, although I'm not going to the midnight party to get it :)

I also just noticed that you said on your last post (I think) that you are getting stuff from a store that is closing down. Is that Express the Moment (I think that's the name)? I thought it was a cute store so that's too bad, but good for you. I hope business is going well.