Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chom and Cherry

So Q was very upset that Chom and Cherry weren't on today. Of course, they may have been, but we had to come to the store. I am fairly sure that we have a Chom and Cherry collection somewhere...not sure where though.

When we got here he asked if I knew where Paskert was.

He really wanted to watch Paskert and could I please find it.

So apparently Paskert is a friendly ghost who lives in an old house.

Who knew? :)
And, for just a bit of history...guess who was Paskert for Halloween one year? Complete with the Paskert mask...yep, me baby :)

***and for those of you out there who read this blog, be prepared for a football onslaught in the next couple of may take me that long...but tonight is the LAST GAME. Again.

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