Thursday, November 13, 2008

I do not think that means what you think it means

So lately Q has had an attitude (fine, for the past 3 years.) It is directly related to being the baby and as Bill Cosby put it as parents we don't want justice, we want quiet so give the crying child whatever he wants...within knives or guns, that sort of thing, but if you have a toy and he wants it, GIVE IT TO HIM NOW.
So as a result of this and the fact that there are occasions when H likes to antagonize Q, plus the fact that three big brothers are there to influence (for good and evil) Q has started calling names. I do not condone this and turn my head or leave the room when the ability to hold my laughter is in jeopardy, however, someone usually laughs. Which just causes more of said behavior. It's a viscious cycle.
So lately Q has been calling people "ah-dorable" in his angry voice. Yes, folks, there is really little one can do when the three year old is so angry he calls his oldest brother adorable.
You must laugh. So we do. Which just infuriates him even more and leads to more name calling of the adorable sort...see, viscious cycle.

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