Friday, November 14, 2008

My treasure :)

Now, to many of you, this will be seen as junk. You know who you are. My husband is firmly on your side. He hates old stuff (what, you may say, he married someone older than him and he doesn't like old things...I know, weird, huh) and has this look whenever he sees another of my treasures. However, since opening the store, he understands that there is a place for such things. He just doesn't think they are in my house. Ha!!

Behold, my treasure:
Now, the dishtowel thing is most certainly going, as is that nasty color of brown...most of the dust and grime as well.
The back story on this is as I was driving my mom home one morning (I think Jeff had the boys fishing) we went past one of the culdesacs in her neighborhood with a garage sale going on. They had a fantastic, huge mirror (that sadly just gets shuffled from room to room as I can't decide where it fits best. Right now it's in the family room which is fine as long as it isn't reflecting the disaster that is usually in there.) So I offer the poor overwhelmed man $20 bucks for this mirror, he counters with $25 and I say how about that cool desk he replies "take it, I don't want it" Can you believe it? I mean, I know some of you can, but seriously, LOVE IT!! So, since that day it has been sitting in my parents garage because I was afraid of what Jeff would say if he knew I got it :) Now he's fine with it as long as it is here. I think it would be a great item for helping to sort the boys' homework, etc...LOVe the cubbies and the fact that they can be shut off from view if needed.
So, here is my dilemma, it needs a paint job. I have a friend who suggested painting the ugly diamonds a different color and then adding decorative knobs...I definitely like that idea and I really like the two tone color scheme. I'm thinking dark chocolate brown with either pinkish or turquoise on the inside...the blue fits with most of my house (not that it will be there for awhile) but I kind of like the idea of a nice orange or tangerine on the inside. Any ideas? I would love to hear them! Remember it took me like two months to paint the tables and FOREVER to choose paint for the store...have I mentioned my bathroom and laundry are still white. Blech :)

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Anonymous said...

Tina, I love old stuff too. I couldn't have resisted either! Good thing my husband is more tolerant with the old stuff, secretly he likes it too. My only suggestion with painting furniture is to use an oil based paint. It gives a much harder finish and you'll like the end result better. I would probably paint it white, but the dark brown with turquoise in it sounds awesome. Good Luck and post the finished product.