Saturday, November 22, 2008

The funny things he says

So, the other night we were all in the living room and (go figure) the subject of sports came up. We were discussing whether or not poker or bowling or gorging yourself with food were sports. Tyler the jock boy, who must have been a bit tired, said "Wake me up when sleeping and eating watermelon are sports."
Now, this boys LOVES watermelon. He will eat it for days. And days. And days. If we go to the store and a watermelon is on display he begs us to buy it. He has asked for them for his birthday (poor March boy, no watermelons) and when we go to Sizzler he will eat a gagillion eleventy pieces of watermelon, five chicken pieces and ice cream. One of Jeff's friends works at Sizzler as manager and he will just bring a plate to the table when he sees Ty. Yes, we are afraid of our food bill when he gets a little older. Very afraid!

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