Friday, January 9, 2009

Anatomy by Quin

So he is still attached...has been since his 'night mare' at 1am.
and we were talking again as he is sitting on my lap killing my legs because of how he is sitting...
and apparently I was squishing a rib while I rock him.
'Do you know boys have ribs? Cause they do.'
I asked 'how many'
He said '69'.
I asked how many girls have.
He said '1.'
He also told me some girls have two brains.
Smart boy...although I am just assuming he meant the brains in our head and not the 'other' ones.

Then he told he likes daddy best. Cause he takes him to movies...
And asked me to rock him again.
Sheesh. Jeff doesn't rock him.
Clearly we have to work on the who-he-likes more part.
But shhhhhh Jeff is my favorite too.

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Anonymous said...

Love reading your conversations with Quin. I am Kam's favorite. He always says, "Mom, you're my favorite big mama." I think it is because I always tell him he is my favorite "big boy".