Thursday, January 22, 2009

You know

I kind of wonder a few things.
A lot of things.
But today, I am wondering who comes up with the word or letter combos you have to copy in order to post a comment on some blogs.
Like 'lumois' or 'cazikstan' or 'floober.' There are so many that crack me up.
Just wondering.


Amberly said...

I can't stand the word verification thing! It drives me nuts. Right now I am looking at the word ectullmi..

Amanda Gibson said...

Good question, Tina. I think we should just starting inserting those words in our blog posts here and there. Just to confuse people. What (roullog) do you think? See? I just did it right there. It was kinda cool, wasn't it? And confusing.

BTW - Loved your comment on my blog today. You totally cracked me up! And it was one of the subjects of my post for today. So thanks for the inspiration, lady!

Anonymous said...

I think someone is having too much fun making us type those goofy "words".