Tuesday, January 27, 2009

menu planning

So Jeff and I wee out Saturday night shopping. In between me getting off work and Jeff going home to shower I made a menu.
This is all because of Lori who used to post them every week.
As it turned out, preplanning was fortuitous because well, all my plans for the week went awry about 8:25 Sunday morning. (Thanks, Nancy, for watching our class after Jeff taught)
My poor Hunter had a talk on Sunday. Another fortuitous thing, he was called Wednesday night to give the youth talk in church...on virtue (he was like, mom, what's virtue...yeah, so any of you who don't have boys around 12/13, let me warn you...brain shut off happens around this time. It is scientifically proven that boys can either grow or think, so something's gotta go, it appears it's the brain) so he sat down Thursday after school and wrote his whole talk so he wouldn't have to worry about it later. Good plan :) As soon as his talk was over he and went to my grandma's to meet with my mom and uncle and try to get a few things worked out...do you know how many things must be done at the time of death? A lot.
So, because this post is supposed to be about meal planning and not so much my horrible day, here is our menu for the week:
Oh, and a disclaimer, we do eat vegetables, however, my kids will only three...so it just rotates between those three as to which boy is closest to the freezer or pantry when I say 'someone pick out a vegetable.'
Sunday: meatballs and mashed potatos
Monday: pizza (Hunter does a fantastic job of this)
Tuesday: Skabetti and garlic bread
Wednesday: rice and chicken
Thursday: hamburgers and french fries (although this may change as it is Q's birthday...which in fact throws another kink into our plans of a party Saturday night...not sure that will happen since the funeral is that afternoon...and the super bowl (eyeroll) is Sunday...)
Friday: tator tot casserole
Saturday???? funeral food?

Now to sort through the 80 years of pictures to make Grandma's tribute book :)

**edited to add tator tot casserole recipe
*disclaimer...I am REALLY bad about measuring, so most of this is a guess :)

Brown a pound of hamburger season as it cooks
While burger is browning, layer tator tots in either a 9x13 or 10x10 pan...I layer them end to end very orderly, yes, I know it's hard to believe but I am kind of OCD about a few things. My tator tots are one of them :)
Once the burger is cooked, layer over the tots (usually my tots are still frozen)
Mix cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup with a can of milk and pour over top of the hamburger/tots.
Scrape a bunch of cheese and pile it on top.
Bake at whatever the package of tots suggests.

I can only make it when Hunter is camping because of an unfortunate experience when he was younger.


The Freed Family said...

So sorry to hear about your grandma. I was actually going to do a post about tater-tot casserole because it is coming up on my menu. What is in your tater-tot casserole? Mitch and the boys LOVE mine, but I don't. I want to try a new recipe. Mine has corn, cream of chicken soup, hamburger, tater-tots and cheese. Is yours different?

Nancy J said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma. Your class was great on Sunday.

Amanda Gibson said...

Way to be a planner, Tina. I try to do that too - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's usually my fault if it doesn't - because usually if it doesn't work it's because I'm being lazy and I don't want to cook. Another cool thing about planning a menu? You definately save money because you're not buying a bunch of random stuff that doesn't go together. When I do that I usually end up stopping at the store every night to get that one thing I'm missing to make my meal complete. I hate that.