Wednesday, December 10, 2008

15 days til Christmas

Okay, here is my check list...the ones with an asterisk are the things I have accomplished so far...
*Buy fabric for boys' blankets
Buy batting for blankets
Buy fabric for Grandma and Tootie
Buy batting for Grandma and Tootie
Buy ________ gift for boys
Buy_________gift for boys
Buy 12x12 tiles
*Buy 6x6 tiles
Cut vinyl for 12x12 tiles (x7)
Cut vinyl for 6x6 tiles (x7)
Design Christmas cards
Print photos
Decide photos
Write Christmas letter
Find addresses (this could be hard since our Christmas stuff flooded last June...did I ever thank that boy for causing the flood? I ought to)
Plan Primary birthday party
Sew blankets together (you thought I would forget this part!)
Make sure Santa has the lists
Figure out a Jeff gifty
Make neighbor gifts
Call Lori about Christmas Eve and what to bring

See, almost done.
And oddly, I am fine with it :)


Lori Jolley said...

NOOOOO! I need more time! I'm never READY for Christmas. And I'm okay with that, too.

Hilary said...

You're doing pretty good, Tina! Do you sew at the store?