Thursday, December 4, 2008

The challenges of a lefty

My whole growing up life I wanted to marry a brown haired, brown eyed left handed guy with braces. Don't know why.

Fast forward a long time (from say 16 years old to say over 30-ish) and I am surrounded by guys and have a boy with braces (righty and blue eyed) and a lefty with the most gorgeous whiskey colored eyes who melts my heart. Talk about luck! I love that he is a lefty.

I love that he runs and kicks (or dribbles) consistently with his left foot (he's actually stunningly good) and writes with his left hand, eats with his left hand, throws with his left hand (has anyone ever noticed how HARD it is to find a mitt during baseball season for someone other than a righty???) brushes his cute little teeth with his left hand...I love all of it.

Except the paper cutting thing.

Granted he is only 3 and 5/6ths so it will come, but it's confusing me! I know that there will be many challenges and a huge learning curve, but I am honestly so glad to have this lefty boy! My husband is still cursing and trying to find that left footed soccer ball...

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Wammack Family said...

James and MacKayla are lefty's, it made it a little more difficult for MacKayla to do things, but she's picked it up now.