Thursday, December 11, 2008

How do you feel today?

"Like corn on the cob!!"

This is what Carson told me on our way to the orthodontist today. :)

It cracked me up.

Which I needed since in the past month I have had my side of the bed to myself a total of 7 times...sick kids apparently require mommy and I feel better when I get a little sleep with them next to me than no sleep worrying about them.

But I digress. This morning was all about Carson and getting his braces off. We thought that he would have everything removed today, but further xrays indicate he doesn't have enough space in his mouth for his incisors that are on the way up so now he has springs in his mouth. Poor guy. And the sad thing is we know he will get them again in a few years.
He really isn't as pale in real life as the photo shows, I think it's just all the grey he is wearing.
He and Jeff brought me a coke (sorry, Bernadine, but I REALLY needed it!) and all he could do was smile. Now I need to work on him getting the cheese out of his system so I can do a nice picture to send in those pesky Christmas (or Valentine's) cards.


JulieJ said...

He was pretty excited today. That's a good day. Hopefully he won't have to worry about getting them off by prom like I did.

Bernadine said...

Hee Hee! You deserve it girl. Handsome boy, Carson!