Saturday, December 13, 2008


This is how I feel today.
The problem is, I like to sleep. I don't EVER get enough and somehow Jeff is always sleeping in (not on days he works) and it makes me, he is ready in 20 minutes, why get up earlier. Days off, well, are days off, why oh why would I want to sleep in?
This is why I love school vacation!
So this morning, Tyler, my sweet jabber jaws, was in my room at 6:50 asking if he could watch cartoons...are you KIDDNG me? No. Because you see, this boy will wake up EVERYONE else in the house just by being out of bed. Bull in the China shop? check. TV up too loud? check. Talking just to talk? check!!!
Normally, it wouldn't bother me, but both Q and Hunter have been sick all week. I really want them to rest...they won't if Ty is up...
So, I let him come in and lay down by me. He was freezing cold. I was not. He was WIDE awake. I was not. So it ends up with me getting cranky and feeling mean and him just being completely oblivious to it all.
Why does this drive me so crazy? Why can't he sleep until 9? Does he not realize in a few short years that opportunity will be gone and we will laugh at him and say, we told you to sleep in while you could and you wouldn't...
So, in 7days I get to sleep in for 2 whole weeks. I am warning you now, if you call before 930, I will be irritated :) And probably not answer.
Just so you know. And boys, Christmas will not begin until 10 or 11 am. You may as well stay in bed.
Someday you will thank me.

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