Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Okay, I know I should have a picture with a blog when I am talking of a specific person. Hilary is really good about adding cute little pics and I am just so not ;)
I will make that my goal for next year.
So the other day Jeff and the boys were talking about the constitution and gun control (I truly have NO idea how this all came about...maybe that's a good thing?) and Jeff asked the boys if they understood the right to bear arms. Carson's answer 'the right to wear tank tops' :)
Yesterday I was home when the boys got there and was able to thwart their attempts and turning on the TV prior to getting homework and jobs done (this is a HUGE issue in our house) and told the boys to make their beds. Now, I am one of those lazy people who feels top sheets are unneccessary. We all have a blanket and a bedspread. It's fast and the boys don't struggle with it nearly as much as when we used the top sheets. Plus, it's warmer.
Carson appeared confused (granted, he was doing math so that could have been it) and asked what I meant (his sheet was on and the bedspread was on the bed, so what could I possibly mean?) and I said that all he needed to do was straighten everything so it looked nice. His reaply...'oh, so you want me to stretch it?'
He has always said 'hedabout' instead of 'what about.' I think that has to do with his hearing problems, but it still makes me smile...like when Tyler says 'bether' instead of better.
He likes to argue about who loves who more :)
He will go to bed without telling anyone.
He loves that he looks so much like his dad.
He loves fishing. Anytime, anywhere. Just mention it and he will do anything asked.
He is a really good helper.
I like this boy a lot.
Love him, even.

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Bernadine said...

So cute! I love the things kids say!