Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Word of the Year

Ali chooses a word each year as an incentive for the coming year. If yo uread her blog, I am sure you will find that she is more eloquent than I am and will better explain it.
The first I year (2007) I chose the word 'balance.'
Last year my word was 'harmony.'
I am trying to decide between two words today...'nurture' and 'grace.'
It's kind of fun to choose this as a goal. As something to strive for throughout the year. Something to look forward to and even attain.
I am not balanced, but I am better at recognizing what needs to be more in focus.
I am not in harmony, but I know when I am completely out of harmony and what I need to do to get there.
As a mom and business person I am trying to nurture my family and my business.
As a woman I am trying to find grace.
So, will you choose a word?
What will it be and why?

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Marilyn said...

I would definitely have to go with nurture. This past year I have spent more time nurturing myself through some very dark days and I am afraid my children have suffered because of it so...this year, more nurture to my children and my spouse sounds like a great goal to me! Thanks for making me think and I will call you about your hair soon