Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in chaos

A brief rundown of what I think I remember:
December 24
430 get home from my store and Walmart the scariest place on earth on Christmas eve
715 finally get the &$%# cake frosted and head to Tootie's and Lori and Larry's for Christmas Eve traditional dinner of ham, funeral potatos and green beans. I brought dessert this year (red velvet cake and chocolate cake balls mmmmmmmgooooood...both were new recipes) Janet brought salad....this was yummy too.
1040 head home to finish up Christmas stuff
1am remember something is still in the cupboard at the store...Jeff goes to get it.
December 25, 2008
5am go to bed after a night of revelry and frantic sewing...and a bloody nose on the 9 yo.
6am boys get up. Jeff finds them staring at the Christmas gifts under the tree with eyes as big as saucers. Boys are threatened within an inch of their life if they wake us before 730
729 heard in the hall outside our bedroom "one minute guys...Tyler and Carson take mom, Quinton you wake up dad"
730 'MOM DAD it's CHRISTMAS AND IT'S 730 WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
740 boys have finally convinced us it is in fact time.
830 new movie in the dvd player we go in for a nap
1020 boys heard arguing, I give up and get out of bed to make breakfast.
12n Jeff gets out of bed
6pm put chicken in crock pot to roast
7pm we leave our house to take gifties to grandparents
825 Tyler says 'I'm so sad that Christmas is over.' Quinton replies 'don't worry, buddy, it will come again next year.' I start laughing because a) we never say 'buddy' and b) Q is only 3
10pm get home snack on DELICIOUS roasted chicken and stuffing...
11pm convince Q to lay down by me as boys watch Johnny Lingo remake...not sure about this one, I am a die hard original fan
12 mn I think the boys came in to say goodnight.

I really slacked on the picture taking this year, but I have some of everyone, so that's a good thing.
The boys of course made out like bandits.
Jeff and I didn't do too badly.
In case you are wondering, I did not finish all of the things I was working on. Jeff and I just got fabric in boxes because I ran out of time. And I need to edge Tyler's blanket.
And finish Christmas cards.
I hope all of you had a fantastic day!

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Hilary said...

makes me tired just reading it. GLad you had a nice Christmas!