Wednesday, December 3, 2008


It seems that my household is on the mend.
Is it rude to say 'it's about time' even if it has only been a week?
Carson has been fighting a virus (although at one point after vomiting he told me he thought that he had gotten rid of the virus because it was a different color) and thankfully, did not have appendicitis, although he was tested for it.
Jeff has had some kind of bug, completely different than Carson and Quin's.
Quin was cranky and tired form a cold (he's still cranky, but I think it's because if he isn't in bed by 7:30 he is up until 10...not by MY choice!)
Thanksgiving is a whole nother post.
I have now cut all the parts to the boys' blankets...they just need to be put back together (why is it that we take apart perfectly good fabric just to put it back together?)
I have their 2nd gifts purchased (except one small part) and need to figure out what the third gift will be for each of them.
Yes, this year they are all getting 3 gifts from us. That's it. We figure the Jolly Man will bring one, plus the stocking stuffer, they have all drawn names and will make something for that selected brother and between their Grand and Great Grand parents, they will have plenty.
We have more than enough 'stuff' in our house.
More than.

On a more random note...
Hunter had a Court of Honor last night. Is it rude to say I kind of like that they only have a couple a year? I think quarterly or less is perfect! Plus it's only an hour :) Can we do it with Cub Scouts? All these boys are so fun, but pack meeting for the next 8 years could do me in.

I haven't started my Christmas cards. Nope. Not at all, at all.
But I have an idea. And I have my letter rough drafted.
They may go out this year.

My sister brought me lunch today.
Bonnie brought me Coke.
My VT brought me a gift and lesson.
It's a good day...people seem to like me :)

I have new papers to put and and figure where they go.
A fun project in mind.
I just need to stop procrastinating.

I would like it to snow.
Tomorrow night is card club and I can't wait because I have missed the past couple.

Off to get some stuff done. Ha :)

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JulieJ said...

I thought I was going to only have to do 6 years of cub scouts (we still have hope this is a girl) but then they put me in cub scouts two years before Brandon. 8 years of bliss!